Samsung HighVolume Conveyorized Line

  • Two (2) SM421 Advanced Flexible Mounters
  • DEK Horizon 03Xi Screen Printer w/Advanced 2D Inspection
  • Conceptronics HVC155 Convection Reflow

Panasonic High Volume Line

  • DEK Model 265 Screen Printer
  • Panasonic MV Chip Shooter
  • Panasonic MPA3 Fine Pitch Placement
  • Conceptronics HVC155 Convection Reflow

Samsung MidVolume Conveyorized Line

  • One SM421 Advanced Flexible Mounter
  • DEK Model 265 Screen Printer w/Temp & Humidity Control
  • Conceptronics HVA70 Convection Reflow

Low Volume / Prototyping Area

  • Two (2) Contact System 3AV Flexible Placement Machines
  • One (1) Contact Systems 3S Flexible Placement Machine
  • Two (2) – DEK Model 265 Screen Printers
  • Dehaart Screen Printer
  • MPM Screen Printer
  • Automated Systems Model CMX16 Convection Reflow Oven

YES TECH YTV B3 Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

CyberOptics LSM solder paste inspection station

Conceptronics Rework Station

Asymtek Model 403 Dispensing System

B & L Stereo Microscopes

B & L Stereo Zoom Scope w/Fiber Optic Light

Vision Engineering Stereo Dynascopes

Metcal Soldering Stations

(3) Hakko Hot air reflow stations

DataPaq Solder Reflow Profiling System

Universal Instrument 6241 Axial VCD Inserter

Universal Instruments Radial Lead II Inserter

Universal Instrument 60 Station Axial Sequencer

Speedline Electrovert Electra 500F Wave Soldering System w/ Spray Fluxer

Treiber Aqueous Board Cleaning System

Alpha lonograph Model 500M Cleanliness Tester

US Filter R.O. Water Purity System

(2) Stimpson Eyeletters

Pace and Hakko Desoldering Stations

Hakko and Metcal Temperature Controlled Soldering Stations

Automated Axial, Radial, and Transistor component prepping equipment

Electrovert Ultrapak Wave Soldering System

AirVac PCBRM12 Solder Fountain

Metcal Soldering Stations

ALine Vacuum Component Sealer

AMP C.L.S. Wire Processing Center

Eubanks Model 2600 Wire Cutter/Stripper

Artos Wire Cutter

Komax Model 33 Wire Cutter/Stripper

Ideal Wire StripperBench Mount

(5) Carpenter Strippers

(1) Hirose Terminating Press

(7) AMP Terminating Presses

(2) Molex Terminating Presses

Autosplice Machine Model SAS2

(2) High Speed Bench Top Strippers

Drake Arbor Press

Hot Mold Gun

Deanco Auto Shrink Sleever

EFD Pneumatic Epoxy Dispensing System

Branson Ultra Sonic Welder

(2) Jergens Electrical Power Drivers

(2) Gangpro 8Eprom Programmers

(4) Stag Prom Programmers Model PP40

Eprom Carrier Crimper

Logical Device Eprom Eraser

Copy Pro 2000 Floppy Disc Duplicator

Stag PLD Programmer Model ZL30B

Promate II Device Programmer

Stag Programmer Model P803

Stag Eclipse Programmer

Advance Tech. Programmer Model PGM40G

Advantech LabTool48 Intelligent Universal Programmer

YES TECH YTV B3 Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Thermotron Environmental Chamber

Gen Rad lnCircuit Tester

Fairchild lnCircuit Tester

MDA Factron 4400Z

(14) Tektronix Oscilloscopes

(3) Fluke DVM’s

(4) Universal Counter/Timer

HP 214A Pulse Generator

(4) Assoc. Research Hipot Testers

(11) Multimeters

(23) – Variable output Power Supplies

Mitutoyo SPCDP3 Data Processor

(3) Continuity Testers

Optical Gaging Comparator –Model OQ14B

Dynascan 830 Capacitance Meter

(2) HP 1630 Logic Analyzer

Orion Instruments Unilab II InCircuit Emulator 320C25

(2) Huntron Tracker 2000

BurnIn Oven EJS Model PBS216

Everett Charles Kryterion Model 400

HP1610A State Analyzer

Misc. Amplifiers Generators

(2) Wavetek Model 180 Sweep/Function Generators

Glenbrook xray Model 80ML

Microderm MP600 BetaBack Scatter

Unitron Metallograph Model NX11

B&L Stereo zoom Inspection Scopes

American InCircuit Emulator

Tektronix Spectrum Analyzer Model 7L12

Fluke DMM Model 8021B

Fluke Digital Thermometer Model 2176A

Kikusui Electronic Load Model PLZ150W

Electro Scientific Industries LCR Bridge Model 2400

Electro Scientific Limits Comparator Model 2405

(2) – Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzers

HP 1630G Logic Analyzer

HP 8660C Signal Generator

Glenbrook X-Ray

Conformal Coating

  • Precision Valve & Automation NC Control Conformal Coat Machine
  • Bench mounted Laminar flow hoods for brush and dip application
  • Custom drying racks
  • Portable and permanent black light inspection stations

Environmentally Conditioned Assembly Area

  • Secure limited access
  • HEPA filtered air handling system
  • STREAMLINE Laminar flow cabinet
  • NUAIRE 201 Laminar flow cabinet
  • Tack mat entrance system

Fixture Design and Fabrication

  • Bridgeport Vertical Mill
  • Clausing Horizontal Lathe
  • Delta Band Saw
  • Tennsmith Sheet metal shear
  • RC Neal Sheet metal former
  • D.Acro punch
  • Craftsman drill press
  • Dake arbor presses

ROHS Assembly

  • Segregate production area

43,000 sq.ft of flexible work space

33,000 sq. ft ESD Epoxy Flooring

MilSpec lighting throughout

24 hour facility security

IPC610 Certified Trainer on Staff