About Us


Who We Are?

We are the solution for electronics manufacturing. We are a team of experienced engineers, technicians, and project managers who have been building electronics  and circuit board assemblies for 40 years.  We are proud to say that the products we make here in the United States are used around the globe.

Our mission is to generate a return on investment by attaining a level of customer satisfaction, which is continually improving and which clearly identifies us as an outstanding contract manufacturer.

WindsorTec WhatWeDo

What We Do?

What we do is pretty amazing.  We build technology. From devices you use to diagnose patients to the circuits that make sure your train is on time to our technology that has gone out into space, we bring your electronic product manufacturing the quality, speed and precision it deserves.

We make the circuit boards, we assemble the components, we build the wiring harnesses, we build the products, and we test to make sure it all works.

Our Facility

Our Mission

Windsor is committed to the achievement of complete customer satisfaction through on-time delivery of error-free products and services.
We, the employees of Windsor, will achieve this goal with the dedication to excellence and through knowledge of our jobs, in a spirit of continuous improvement.

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing the highest standard quality products and services that meet or exceed our Customer’s expectation, comply with regulatory requirements, and to maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system.  This will be accomplished through employee involvement and ongoing training to ensure continuous improvement of our processes.