In the 40 years we have been in business, so much has changed in the technology of printed circuit boards.  We are constantly evolving and growing to keep up with the demands of the modern day circuit board industry.  By investing in new equipment and harnessing the experience we have gained over the years, we can proudly say we produce some of the most advanced circuit boards out there; as well as some of the “not so advanced”.  Meaning, Windsor still has and utilizes our older technology equipment daily for those valued customers that do not have the flexibility to upgrade technology due to copy exact requirements or certain power applications that require Thru-Hole technology.

We are able to quickly scale to accommodate any size order volume from small to large.  Our equipment and knowledge allow us to handle everything from design for manufacturing of circuit boards to component placement, to conformal coatings and performance testing. Our workflow process allows us the flexibility to continue to build large volume jobs while still handling prototype builds while still meeting aggressive delivery schedules.

WindsorTec dpm_4101

Surface Mount

Windsor manufactures and assembles circuit boards for nearly every industry, from transportation to healthcare.  We use state of the art pick and place equipment for assembly processing.  The pick and place process automates the assembly of components onto the board in seconds. This increases our capacity for large volume production jobs.

Windsor ThroughHole TechLine


Windsor recognizes that some industries still require older technology for various reasons such as power requirements; copy exact requirements, etc.; therefore Windsor has made a conscious effort to keep and continue to utilize our Radial; Axial and Sequencer Insertion machines.

These are ready for use for those that do not have the flexibility to upgrade their assemblies to the newer technology.



We have the facilities, equipment and resources to test, diagnose and  develop functional test equipment to support your needs.  We can manage tolerance testing so that you can ensure your design is ready to work exactly how it was intended.

Circuit Board XRay Inspection


Circuit boards have become so intricate that relying on visual inspection alone is not enough to ensure quality.

Windsor Technology is setup to x-ray your assemblies to thoroughly inspect where the visible eye cannot. This allows us to check underneath the components to make sure those pins are making the connections they need to.

Windsor Technology Factory AOI Inpsection

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Part of our quality control process is utilizing Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) inspections.  Cameras scan the board for various features such as absence and presence; correct part placements, polarity, and part markings, all without ever contacting the board, making it very quick and efficient.  We utilize this equipment for not only Surface Mount placement but Thru-Hole as well, making it one of the most valuable tools to our facility.

Windsor Technology Factory DPM_8956

Conformal Coating

Some conditions require an extra layer of protection for circuit boards to stay protected. The first level of defense is to protect them with conformal coating.

Conformal coating is a protective chemical coating or polymer film that ‘conforms’ to the circuit board topology. It protect circuits from harsh environments that may contain moisture, chemicals, or debris.

We are ready to provide your product with a level of protection to ensure your product will last many years.