Looking for the quality and precision your project requires?

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

We build circuit board assemblies in every shape, size and color.  From simple short run prototypes to high volume intricate layouts – Thru-Hole to Surface Mount; Leaded Assemblies to RoHS , we do it all!

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

We are able to manufacturer complete electronic products.  We build everything under one roof to ensure total quality assurance.  From handheld medical devices to high end camera assemblies, we can certainly produce it.

Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

From simple wiring assembly to complex wire harnesses, we can support your needs.

Rework Services

We can help bring existing products up to your latest revisions, provide  Ball Grid Array removal and replacement and offer product refurbishment services.

Who We Are


Speed – Accuracy – Quality

We are an electronics contract manufacturer with the ability to produce your entire product or the key components you need, done right. From programmed, tested and conformal coated printed circuit board assemblies and cable/wire harnesses to complete Final Box Build; we have the knowledge, capability, and skills to make sure your product is perfect and on time.

Surplus Material

Check out our list of surplus components. You may just find the material you are looking for at a price that you can’t afford to ignore.

Regional Partners

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Why Choose Us

Made in the USA

With our headquarters located in Rochester, NY we are not only able to provide you the best customer service experience possible, but we are also helping to grow this great nation we live in.

One Source Shop

We understand the challenges out there working with multiple vendors while trying to coordinate delays and lead times.  We have worked hard to make sure that WE can be your ONE vendor and reduce your supplier base and headaches…!

Experience Matters

We did not just open our doors. We have been in this industry for over 40 years and have seen it all. We can adapt to working with older technology and have the capability and equipment to provide the latest technology out there, making us truly unique.

We Are Always Continuously Improving

We are constantly looking for better ways to bring solutions to a growing and evolving marketplace.  If you haven’t checked in with us in a while, check out our Equipment List to see what new technologies and services we can provide you.

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